04-07-2020  –  02-08-2020
De Vishal Haarlem
Achtung! Spielplatz!
With: Caz Egelie, Esther Brakenhoff, Ian de Ruiter, Laura Malpique, Maarten Schuurman, Robbert Weide, Suzie van Staaveren and Wouter Klein Velderman


At the moment I’m more or less finished with building my own 120 m2 studio in 900 m2 Aircraft Hangar 613 at Former Military Airbase Soesterberg. My studio consists of a seperated clean and dirty workspace, office and rooftop projectspace. The build was finished in february 2020. Shelter 613 was made available by Utrechts Landschap in collaboration with De Plaatsmaker. The following artists will be working here: Daniel Hofstede, Marieke van den Bosch, Robin Meyer, Frank Koolen, Maaike Kramer and myself. My build was made possible by: Fonds Kwadraat through financial support, companies such as Bouwmaat VOF and art institutes like RAM Foundation and Dordtyard who have donated materials and by the help of many volunteers. Please contact me personally if you are interested in a visit.